Thursday, September 13, 2007

Europan = Europún?

How to form an artificial language which makes sense to everyone or at least to most of us? One would agree that it seems a great and sometimes impossible challenge creating a unilang which would serve all Europe and Europeans as a European auxiliary language such as Esperanto or Interlingua. While Esperanto & Interlingua were introduced in late 1880 and mid 1950, more up-to-date approaches seem necessary to deal with the enormous changes in social, cultural & European life. R u ready? Democracies, elections, the internet, mobile phones & free boundaries opened up a new world which cannot be ignored, the European Spirit needs to be held up high and its influence should be reflected in every step of our attempt in creating a European Unilang.

Surprisingly I have recently come across an experiment similar to the Europún approach which indicates that Europeans - wherever you are - are willing to at least discuss or even play with the thought of a European Unilang => EUROPAN, good luck, Thomas...keep in touch!


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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Europú: Historú, change, chance y na futur

5 til 12 por Europú? I dag est blumir na flor Europú in tusend colori, tradizoni, culturi, lifestyles y linguxi. As tidi d’bataloq y d’pazoq hab survivir na popul europúz mortali, finali y hori blaq. As tidi d'isoq y tidi d'neandartaloq var developir Europú y Asú un cultur primitiv in ord to surviv(ir) condizon hard(úz), brutal y cold.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jurnal d’Europúq – Un Jurnal por Un Europú

Dar na Jurnal d’Europúq (JE) na jurnal unast en Europún por totali populi d’Europúq. Est residar na redakzon d’jurnaloq i Dublin/Erú. Sont parlar ni artikali d’jurnaloq on Europú et historú d'Europúq, landi europúz, folki europúz, separati folklori et culturi europúz, populi europúz et themi europúz. Dar JE un jurnal d’monsoq et vil publizar na redakzon t'edizon unast i mons Yanur 2007.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Radio Voz d'Europúq - Un Voz por Un Europú

Dublin. I dag sontiv creatar t'stazon d'radioq "Voz d'Europúq" por totali populi d'Europúq - STAY TUNED!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dublin/Europú. I dag estam creatar t'jurnal con nom "Jurnal d'Europúq" (JE) en Europún por populi totali d'Europúq.

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